Fresno Grizzlies unveil new look (and red pants)

The Fresno Grizzlies are embarking on a new era as the Triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals, and with that, the team updated their logos today for the first time in a decade.

Previous iterations of the Grizzlies’ brand dating back to 1998 have included purple, green, yellow, and orange, but for the first time, this new look includes the introduction of red elements (including a home uniform set that features red pants), presumably as a wink and a nod to their cross-country parent club.

The new look, designed by Brandiose, expands on the Grizzlies’ longtime identity based on the extinct California grizzly featured on the state flag. That flag is based on the so-called Bear Flag Revolt in 1846, a precursor to the Mexican-American War, which ultimately led to California becoming the 31st state of the United States in 1850. The team has incorporated that terminology (though they’re using the alternate “Bear Flag Rebellion” instead of “Bear Flag Revolt”) into their promotion of the new logos.

The primary logo and a set of alternates all incorporate a version of slashing bear claw marks that have been a part of the team’s identity since the team’s inception in 1998. This new set doubles down on Californians’ state pride, including two alternates that include literal flags, reinforcing the tie to the Bear Flag Revolt so important to the history of the state.

The Grizzlies open the season April 4 at home against the Reno Aces—so here’s hoping we’ll get a look right away at those red pants on the playing field.