New Northwoods League team celebrates cherries, spitting

The newest team in the collegiate summer Northwoods League accentuates northern Michigan’s association with tart cherries and baseball players’ propensity for expectorating. The Traverse City Pit Spitters, unveiled earlier today, feature a suite of cherry-themed logos from Brandiose.

The Pit Spitters’ primary logo features anthropomorphized cherries spitting baseballs—according to the team, the region is responsible for 40 percent of the nation’s supply of the fruit. But the logo that’s gathering the most attention online is an alternate that highlights the state of Michigan’s classic two-mitten shape, with a baseball glove representing the lower peninsula and cherry leaves representing the upper peninsula.

“When we started this process, our goal was to find a name that represents both this region and the core values of our organization,” said team CEO Joe Chamberlin in a statement. “Pit Spitters hits it out of the park. Not only do we get to recognize Northern Michigan’s, and specifically Traverse City’s, unique agricultural history, we have created a name and a brand that screams FUN, which is what we are all about.”

The Pit Spitters will debut May 28, when the 2019 Northwoods League season begins.