Penguins, Flyers 2019 Stadium Series Uniforms Spotted Early

Neither of the teams scheduled to play in next month’s NHL Stadium Series game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia has actually unveiled their uniforms for the annual outdoor showdown, yet both of the jerseys were out on sale at a Toronto-area shop earlier this week.

Fortunately, @cody_reid spotted this and fired a photo over to us on Twitter; thank you very much, Cody!

While we’d already seen the Philadelphia Flyers uniform, that Pittsburgh Penguins one is new to us, so let’s focus on that one first.

First of all the Pens jersey is black and the Flyers jersey is orange, so it’s time to buckle up because we’re getting ourselves a colourful uniform matchup! The second in the NHL this season following December’s fantastic experiment between the Carolina Hurricanes and Anaheim Ducks who went red versus black.

Pittsburgh’s jersey, like the Flyers, contains no white whatsoever outside the event patch on the shoulder, the logo is a simplified gold and black version of their usual crest (yes, the triangle remains), there’s a single gold stripe on each sleeve, a thin single gold stripe at the waist, large numbers (because it’s at an outdoor venue), and “A Great Day For Hockey” added to the inside back collar.

The Flyers uniform, as we covered earlier this month, is orange with two black stripes on each sleeve and a single black stripe on the waist, the logo has all of the white removed from it, and “PHILLY” is in the inside back collar.

Join me for a moment on the speculation train…

Is the Stadium Series becoming the NHL’s version of the NFL’s ColorRush?

If so, I might be okay with this.

Last year the Maple Leafs went head-to-toe white versus the Capitals in head-to-toe blue; this year we get the colour versus colour matchup, could the Flyers be going with orange helmets and pants? Sounds potentially terrible but their AHL affiliate tried it already, and considering the game could very well be played during snowfall, what better way to increase visibility than having your teammates dressed as safety cones? It’s certainly not a stretch to see the Penguins pairing this jersey with a black helmet and pants.

Hey, it gives us a reason to stick around and tune in when the official unveiling comes around.