Complete Super Bowl Uniform History: Cartoon Edition

It’s Super Bowl weekend so we’re doing what we do here and looking back at uniforms worn in Super Bowls of years past.

This year, the New England Patriots are wearing their white jersey/blue pants combo for the third year in a row, the first team to wear the same uniform in three straight Super Bowls since the Buffalo Bills went blue on white for three straight losses in Super Bowls 26, 27, and 28. The Los Angeles Rams counter with their throwback home uniform, the first since the San Francisco 49ers won in 1994 wearing their throwback set.

More on the Super Bowl LIII uniform matchup here

Recently, I found an old keychain featuring a cartoon-style football player and was struck with an idea, let’s turn this guy into a uniform template and then showcase every Super Bowl uniform matchup ever using it.

And so I did.

Click image for larger version

They’re all very happy because they got to play in the Super Bowl. The score for each game shown as the player numbers, AFL/AFC teams are always shown first regardless of who won the game or who was the designated home team.

This took me like a week, most of that time late at night while I was pretty tired; so if you see anything significantly wrong with it, a respectful heads up in the comments is appreciated. If you want to share this image on social media, please be my guest, just don’t crop out the site name and try to link back, both would be doubleplusgood! Thanks.

Complete Super Bowl Logo History

UPDATE (Feb 1/19 10:20am ET): Corrected the Patriots player number for Super Bowl XXXI