Baltimore Orioles Change Primary Logo for 2019

This couldn’t have come as a surprise to any of you.

The Baltimore Orioles are making a minor change to their official logo designations for the upcoming 2019 season. Getting the promotion *officially* from secondary to primary logo is the classic “cartoon bird” logo the club has been wearing on their caps for the past seven seasons. A long overdue move.

Making room for the call-up, the Orioles have sent down the bird perched on a wordmark logo which had served as their primary logo since 2009; this logo isn’t being eliminated, it is now the team’s official secondary/alternate mark.

This is the sort of move that ultimately means nothing, every offseason we’ll see two or three teams swap their cap logo for their primary (i.e. Brewers, Pirates, Indians, Rockies — a few recent examples that come to mind) and nobody outside the people who follow this site ever notice there’s been a change. In fact, this Orioles change has been official since November, I just figured I’d wait to see if the team would make an announcement first before saying something… now that Spring has sprung, it appears they are not — most teams don’t acknowledge the change.

Baltimore joins the Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies as teams to change their primary logo for 2019; there are still two more Oriole-like re-designations to be announced this year.

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