NBA Unveils Same Old Logo for 2020 All-Star Game

Mere moments after Team X beat Team Y in this year’s NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte, the National Basketball Association unveiled its logo for next year’s game to be hosted in Chicago, Illinois.

It looks exactly like you thought it would.

Sticking with the standardized NBA logo system in place for all league-related activity and branding, the design features the NBA logo to the left, “ALL STAR 2020” to the right in the “Action NBA” font, and a brief shout out to the host city by way of the four six-pointed stars and two blue stripes from Chicago’s flag and the font used by the host Chicago Bulls.

Not much else to say about the design, it’s the third All-Star Game in a row now to use this terribly unpopular style (if you’re going to pick a template to stick with, couldn’t it at least be a nice design? See NCAA Final Four)

What is fun about this logo is that it allows you to pretty much make any possible future NBA logo without much effort…

Let’s give it a go.

Ah, fun with logos.