Kansas City Royals Make Changes to Primary Logo for 2019

The Kansas City Royals have removed the “Royals” from their primary logo for 2019, they’ve also eliminated black from their colour scheme entirely. It’s one of three super subtle logo changes throughout the American League this off-season, the Baltimore Orioles were one, we’ll get to the other one soon.

You may be asking yourself, “the Royals still wore black?”, yes indeed, the “KC” on their primary logo had a black drop shadow, that’s gone. Yes, I said “super subtle” logo changes.

These leaves the Royals primary logo as the KC in white on a blue home plate shape, the gold crown above.


The primary logo from last year hasn’t been eliminated entirely, it lives on as an alternate or secondary logo (minus that black drop shadow), who knows if the team will actually use it for anything in 2019.

Kansas City has been a king (pun?) of the slow logo evolution, the team has had six different primary logos in their 51 seasons yet most casual likely would have noticed any of them. Take a look:

While the American League has done only minor tweaks to their logos, the National League has seen two, more significant changes, you can take a look at our coverage of the new Miami Marlins and new Philadelphia Phillies logos from earlier this off-season.

Kansas City Royals logo and uniform history