Flyers, Penguins Wearing Helmets With Giant Logos for Stadium Series

If there’s anything we’ve come to expect from the National Hockey League’s Stadium Series it’s that the uniforms will feature something we’ve never seen before.

From “chromified” logos to stadium-sized players numbers to white pants with a white jersey, each year the Stadium Series gives us something new, by now we could call it the NHL’s annual uniform experiment game. This year the tradition continues with giant helmet logos.

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Yes! Both the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins will wear helmets with giant logos on the sides, kinda like football but bigger. Both clubs will have black helmets, the Flyers will feature their usual logo but now in orange on both sides of the lid; the Penguins in yellow (or “Pittsburgh Gold”) but in true Pittsburgh helmet logo fashion, it only appears on one side of the helmet — the player’s number on the other.

The helmets were designed by Adidas and complete the head-to-toe look, both teams will be wearing coloured jerseys for the game — the Flyers in black, the Penguins in yellow “Pittsburgh Gold”, no white appears anywhere on the uniforms.

The game will be played Saturday night at 8pm ET at the home of the NFL’s Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

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