First Look at NFL 100 Jersey Patch and Football

The National Football League is all set to celebrate their 100th anniversary season this fall, and they’ll be doing so (as you’d expect) with a special logo to commemorate the milestone year.

Back in October, the league unveiled the logo you see above, so that’s not necessarily news (although it may be for you, in which case, surprise!) but what is new is a photo posted by the Minnesota Vikings which shows the logo both as a patch on their uniform top and on the official game football.

Take a look:

The logo appears in full colour on the football as well as on the collar of the jersey, replacing where the NFL shield would normally be placed in both instances.

What’s neat (at least to me) is that this is the third league-wide anniversary patch (50th, 75th, 100th) and all three of these patches got different jersey placements. The 50th went on the jersey sleeve, the 75th where you’d expect – top left corner of the chest, and the 100th on the collar.

Patches were previously worn for the 50th and 75th anniversaries of the NFL
Comparing the NFL’s 100th anniversary logo to those used in 1969 and 1994