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Green Caps Across MLB Today for St Patrick’s Day

Every Major League Baseball club will be donning green and white versions of their usual Spring caps today in honour of St. Patrick’s Day.

As is Major League tradition, every cap follows the same template except for the San Francisco Giants, who are their own thing and we love them for that.

For the twenty-nine teams that said “we’ll do whatever everyone else is doing”, caps are white with a green button and visor, their usual Spring cap logo on the front of the crown but re-coloured green and white. On the upper-left side of the crown is a green shamrock.

San Francisco opted instead for a green crown, matching the visor and button, and retained the orange from their cap logo. A white shamrock is also included, in the same location as the other caps.

On the back of each cap the baseball from the MLB “Batterman” logo has been replaced with a shamrock:

Let’s take a look at the entire league lineup:

The 2019 St. Patrick’s Day team caps can be purchased right now, right here