2019 MLB Team Twitter Hashtags and Emojis

With the first game of the 2019 Major League Baseball regular season schedule set for Wednesday, the league release its set of new team hashtags for Twitter.

Of the thirty hashtags, eighteen remain the same as 2018 with a few of the others simply changing or adding an extra word.

The entirely new hashtags are Arizona’s #RattleOn, Cincinnati’s #BornToBaseball, Detroit’s #MotorOn, Houston’s #TakeItBack (with a blue and white version of their alternate logo), Philadelphia’s #RingTheBell, San Diego’s #FriarFaithful (paired with their anniversary logo), St. Louis’s #TimeToFly, and Texas’s #TogetherWe.

Teams to just slightly adjust from last year are Colorado, Kansas City, LA Dodgers, and Toronto. Everyone else carries over, Miami sticks with the same hashtag but updates their emoji to their new primary logo.

Here’s the full list of 2019 Major League Baseball Twitter Team Hashtags and Emoji Logos:

Or you can take a trip back through time and look at the MLB Twitter hashtags from 2018 here.