Batman vs. Valencia CF Forever

DC Comics is reportedly upset with Valencia CF, a six-time champion in Spain’s La Liga, over their commemorative centennial logo.

Batman vs. Valencia? This is the worst one of all the sequels.

According to a report earlier today in the Associated Press, DC Comics has filed a complaint over the mark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office due to a “likelihood of confusion” with their famous Batman symbol.

“The parties have requested an extension of the ‘cooling off’ period to negotiate a possible deal,” Garrigues, the law firm representing the football club told The Associated Press. “This period can be extended until Oct. 30, 2020.”

The city of Valencia has used a bat in its official symbols for centuries, according to the Business Insider, a bat sits atop Valencia’s coat of arms and its use is thought to have dated back to 1238 when King James of Aragon was fighting to take it back from the Moors. Legend has it a bat landed on top of his flag and he proceeded to win Valencia back, whereby the bat was added to the coat of arms as a sign of good luck.

DC’s “Batman” superhero first appeared in 1939, a good seven-hundred-and-one years following Valencia’s bat origins.

Valencia CF has been challenged by DC for its bat symbol before, a complaint was filed in 2013, the two sides came to an agreement preventing the need for a lawsuit.