Stockton Ports to play as Aspara-guys

The Stockton Ports, High-A affiliate of the Oakland A’s, have had an alternate asparagus-themed logo since 2013, but this year for the first time, the team will play one game as the Stockton Aspara-guys.

The asparagus theme is an homage to the city’s claim to being the Asparagus Capital of the World. The green stalk is one of the San Joaquin Valley’s major crops, and the city of Stockton is home to the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival, which celebrates all things asparagussy. (The problem is, Hadley Massachusetts; Oceana County, Michigan; and Isleton, California, also lay claim to the title asparagus capital of the world—and those are just asparagus capitals of the world in the USA. The crop was cultivated by the Greeks and Romans, so who knows how many international asparagus capitals of the world there are?)

The Ports will play as the Aspara-guys May 4 against the Modesto Nuts.