NFL, New Era Release the 2019 NFL Draft Cap Collection

With just three weeks until the 2019 National Football League Draft is held at Nashville, the league and New Era have released the 2019 NFL Draft Cap designs for 31* of the league’s 32 teams.

*The Jets design has yet to be officially released due to their pending unveiling of a new logo, but we may have gotten a look at a leaked photo of it here.

This year’s design is meant to “celebrate the local roots” of each team with the caps for, the most part, featuring “iconic, city-inspired art”. In nearly every case, this “city-inspired art” is just the city flag.


There are some exceptions, the Seahawks choosing to honour their own team flag featuring their 12th-man insignia.

And the Oakland Raiders who weren’t entirely sure where they were going to play in 2019 but were at least somewhat certain which country it was going to be:

There are also a few teams opting to go with their state flag instead – such as the Cardinals looking to Arizona, the Falcons to Georgia, and the 49ers with California.

Here’s a look at the 31 released cap designs, again, you can see what looks like a leaked NY Jets design here.

All caps include a patch with the NFL’s 100th anniversary season logo on the back and a tag showing the inspiration for each design.

You can purchase any of the 2019 NFL Draft caps here

UPDATE: The graphic below has been updated to include the since released cap for the New York Jets:

View larger size here