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New York Jets New Uniforms for 2019, Possible Leak

With just one day until their big unveiling, the New York Jets may have had both their new logo and now, their new uniforms leaked.

While we’re unable to confirm either of these leaks as legit, neither of them are from any of our usual reliable sources – but they both appear real enough to warrant at least a mention on here.

This morning the uniform photo you see above started circulating on Twitter and Facebook, it shows three uniform combinations – your usual white and green combos, and a new all-black alternate.

All of the jerseys have “NEW YORK” across the front above the player number with a single stripe on each shoulder, helmets appear green with a “JETS wordmark above a football on the side.

The logo on the helmet also looks to match the logo leak we saw earlier this week:

An additional leak of this logo surfaced last night, lending credibility to the first:

Again, we cannot confirm or deny any of these leaks but they sure look legit. The Jets will unveil their new look for really reals on Thursday night.