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LA Chargers Announce Changes to Uniform for 2019

Who says a little complaining on Twitter never solved anything?

The Los Angeles Chargers, apparently tired of the Tweets that flew at them about their uniforms finally did something about it today, announcing a couple of changes that should be quite popular amongst both their fans and uniform fans too.

Beginning with the upcoming 2019 NFL season, the Chargers powder blue alternate uniforms will be their new “primary uniform”. The road white uniform and the royal blue “ColorRush” uniform presumably both remain the same. The gold facemask from the “ColorRush” set is now the main facemask colour for the Chargers.

What does this mean? Basically, you’ll see them wear the powder blues far more often this season than in years past — you’ll probably still see the navy blues, but just once or twice a year. That and the gold facemask… which is so very great.

you’re welcome.— Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) April 16, 2019

In 2018, the Chargers wore their navy blue uniforms for eight games (including pre-season), and their powder blues twice. The gold facemask made an appearance once for a 45-10 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

The Chargers announcement also gave us another good look at the NFL’s centennial patch which will be worn across the league next season at the collar:

The Chargers have gone with navy blue as their main home uniform colour since 1988 when they were playing in San Diego when they replaced both the lighter blue (similar to their current “ColorRush” jersey) and the gold facemask. Powder blue (as it will be in 2019) was the primary home jersey colour from their first season in 1960 up until 1973.