Adidas Unveils Uniforms for New Premier Lacrosse League

The Premier Lacrosse League took a giant step towards their upcoming inaugural season this morning, unveiling the Adidas uniforms for each of their six teams.

With opening day just four weeks away, Adidas and the PLL – a tour-based U.S.-based field lacrosse league featuring six non-location-based teams, released eleven uniforms in total. Each uniform features Adidas’ familiar three-striped logo on the upper left chest as well as their three stripe design down each sleeve.

“As the creator sports brand, we set out to both challenge the status quo and blend the past with the future,” said Todd Rolak, Sr. Designer for Adidas U.S. Sports in the press release. “We’ve created and delivered some radical, game-changing concepts that showcase our vision for the sport and highlight each team with unique tonality, team crests, graphics, and typography. These concepts serve to help elevate each team’s identity and foster new lacrosse club communities.”

Let’s take a look at each team’s uniform set.


The Archers uniforms are based upon that of a bow-and-arrow sharpshooter, feather fletching elements are featured on both the sleeves and shorts, an arrow appears on the helmet.

The Archers logo/jersey crest is a white arrowhead inside a two-toned blue shield trimmed in orange, the team name across the front of the shield – the team name, ironically is not arched.



With baby blue-and-white uniforms, Atlas LC’s uniforms incorporate the club’s bull logo on the chest to represent “size, strength, and speed”. A topographic pattern is worked into the base of the jersey, an homage to the team’s name.

The helmet has the bullhorn from the logo as well as the team name on the back.



What would happen if one were in the center of a swarm of scorpions? Chaos! And it’s with that thought in mind, the uniforms of Chaos LC were designed. With a scorpion logo on the arm, both Chaos uniforms feature a battle armour pattern on the base, and the team name scrawled across the front.

A scorpion re-appears on the sides of the helmet within a blue shield, the team name added to the back.



Remember the 1980s? Sure you do. Taking inspiration from the colours and design trends of the 1980s, Chrome LC’s white uniform incorporates a grid-like pattern like those of a retro video game in light blue and pink, the team name across the front in blue.

Meanwhile the black uniform shifts the focus to knights and their armour. The pattern based on chainmail, the pink remains on the logo and the Adidas branding. The helmets feature wings.



Focusing on the wilderness of the forest, Redwoods LC will wear green as their dark jersey with three giant trees forming vertical stripes. The team logo on the chest, a brown bear with the team name across the front trimmed in yellow.

The white jersey includes no green whatsoever and at first glance looks more like something a referee would typically wear. The three vertical stripes are maroon (not black) and represent the trunks of the trees we see on the green uniform.



Red with blue and green accents, the Whipsnakes logo is a coiled snake in the shape of the head of a lacrosse stick to “signify the lightning fast and venomous strike of a snake”. A snakeskin tonal pattern is incorporated into the base of both the red and white jerseys.

The helmets are white with that tonal snakeskin pattern again, the team logo on the back and an abbreviated nickname “WHIPS” on the side.

The Premier Lacrosse League will tour the United States for their inaugural season this summer. Thirteen cities will play host to games over a fourteen-week schedule with the debut games taking place at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. the weekend of June 1-2. Games will televised by NBC with 16 on NBC Sports Network and three on the main NBC network.

The full gallery of the uniforms released today: