Dakota State Trojans Unveil New Athletic, Academic Logos

When Dr. Jose-Marie Griffith became the president of Dakota State University in 2015, she formed a leadership committed with the goal of uniting the university under a single brand. And following several years of research, the Trojans unveiled brand new academic and athletic logos Friday morning, as well as an updated color scheme.

“We are a comprehensive university on an inspirational and world-changing trajectory to be a forward-thinking, innovative, technology-fueled organization that fosters true innovation, active engagement, and global impact in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and service,” Griffith said. “Through this new brand and visual identity, we will be very clear about who and what we’re becoming at Dakota State.”

From the school’s press release:

The university’s new logo is a single “D” surrounded by a hexagon. It combines modern elements with a hint of tradition. The hexagon itself is a building block representing community and unity. Other graphic elements within the hexagon design illustrate Dakota State’s commitment to forward thinking and its unique approach to education.

The university also introduced a brand new athletics logo and changed its color scheme from blue and yellow to Trojan (dark) Blue, DSU (light) Blue and gray. 

“The mascot’s new look fits DSU’s mission as a forward-thinking institution committed to innovation and intellectual strength,” Griffith said. “This visual identity will unite Trojans all across campus — in academics, athletics, clubs, and any number of other ventures.”

Dakota State — which is located in Madison, South Dakota — is a charter member of the North Star Athletic Association in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The Trojans field 10 sports, including baseball; men’s and women’s basketball; men’s and women’s cross country; football; softball; track and field; and volleyball.