CFL, New Era Release New 2019 Uniform Teasers for All Teams

The Canadian Football League today released a series of teasers showing off their new uniform collaboration with New Era. The partnership with New Era as the exclusive on-field uniform supplier kicks off for the upcoming 2019 CFL season, previously the league’s uniforms had been supplied by Adidas.

Each team released a couple of glimpses of their new looks, the full sets scheduled to be unveiled on Wednesday, May 15th.

B.C. Lions

The Lions give us a couple of clues about what they’re changing in 2019, from the photos above and below we see that numbers are now trimmed in an accent colour with white added to the black numbers on the orange set, and black added to the orange numbers on the white set.

We also see the shoulder striping extended across the entire back at the top of the road whites mostly encapsulating the player’s name (the nameplate seems to be sneaking out a bit onto the white), previously the striping shot up to the collar at the shoulder blades.

Calgary Stampeders

Not much change from these two teasers for the Stamps, only thing we can see here is that, like the Lions, the striping on the back of the white jersey goes all the way around to (mostly) contain the nameplate.

The classic Stampeders logo still present on the sleeve of the home reds, number font appears to be the same style and still two-colour.

Edmonton Eskimos

From the little that what we see in these teasers it appears the Eskimos aren’t making any changes whatsoever, same wordmark across the chest, same style drop shadow numbers.

Not that we’re complaining or anything, the Esks uniforms were great the way they were, not a lot of change (if any) is needed on this set. Carry on!

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Much like the Eskimos, no changes to be seen here. Same wordmarks across the chest, same number style, same striping on the sleeves and logo patch.

At least we’re seeing a reluctance to do a lot of change for the sake of change in this supplier switch so far.

Montreal Alouettes

We go from two teams not making any obvious changes to one that changed just about everything, the Montreal Alouettes. The Als teaser showed only a closeup of the wordmark across the chest, probably because back in February we already saw the whole thing

The Als have an entirely new look this season including a whole new logo, helmet, and of course, the new New Era uniforms

More on the new Montreal Alouettes logo and uniforms here.

Ottawa RedBlacks

I spy one potentially significant, possibly minor change to the RedBlacks home blacks in these teasers, the red striping which previously only went up to around the armpit area now looks to extend up to the collar.

It also looks like the red striping continues down the front of the jersey as well, it’s hard to make out, maybe the jersey is red itself and only the sleeves are black? Something to look out for next Wednesday.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

From the teaser images we see Saskatchewan’s changes are focused on their collar, the home green jersey going with a thicker white stripe around the back than before (previously the green half was much larger than the white), while the road whites are switching to a mostly white collar and adding in a green patch behind the league logo.

The Saskatchewan wordmark across the home greens appears unchanged.

Toronto Argonauts

Now here’s a small but exciting change, the Toronto Argonauts switching to the lighter blue for their numbers, it looks great on the white above, but I bet it looks even more amazing on the home blues seen below

The TORONTO wordmark on the blues looks to be the same as before, unfortunately no idea on collar or sleeve striping yet, but this has the potential to be a stellar design.

Winnipeg BlueBombers

The Bombers changes fall into the same category as the Lions and Stampeders, replace the old Adidas-style striping across the back of the road uniform with a solid single colour… except here it looks like they’re able to fit the nameplate in there.

The Canadian Football League and New Era will officially unveil the entire new set of 2019 team uniforms on May 15th. It marks the first league-wide uniform switchover since Adidas took over the league prior to the 2016 season.