Buffalo Bisons update Wings alter ego

The Triple-A Buffalo Bisons introduced their alternate Wings identity last year, joining an armful of other minor league baseball teams who have promotions based on local food specialties. The Bisons will reprise the role of Wings this year, but with updated—and vastly improved—logos and uniforms.

The colors are what I can only assume are called wing sauce orange and celery green, with Wings set in a saucy script with a bleu cheese dollop over the I under the word Buffalo embedded in a stalk of celery. And not to be overlooked, a sleeve patch commemorates the all-important wet wipe packet.

Most notably—at least if you’re the sort of person for whom Buffalo wings are an important part of your life, as I am—the team released a detailed explanation of their decision to switch from last year’s drumette-based logo to this year’s flat. (While I respect the points they make, especially the surface ratio argument, I’ll always be a drumette guy—the chicken-to-effort ratio is all that matters.)

The Wings will take the field on Buffalo Wings Wednesdays June 5 and 19, July 17 and 29 (National Wing Day!), and August 14 and 28.