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Camouflage Across MLB All Weekend For Armed Forces Day 2019

Why are they wearing camouflage uniforms today in baseball?

LINK: Click here for baseball’s 2021 Camouflage Cap Collection

New for 2019 is a league-wide Major League Baseball celebration in honour of Armed Forces Day, each team will wear camouflage caps and socks in recognition of Armed Forces Day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A special patch will be added to jerseys for games on Saturday.

Armed Forces Day in the United States is the third Saturday each May, a time “where citizens unite and honour military heroes for their patriotic service in support of the U.S.” It was established by President Harry S. Truman in 1949 to honour military members and their families.

As mentioned earlier, the special jersey patch which can be seen in the photo above will be worn on all jerseys for the games played just on Saturday, May 18th, which is *the* Armed Forces Day.

The twenty-nine U.S.-based clubs will wear a shield featuring five stars, representing the five branches of the U.S. Military above alternating camouflage coloured stripes on the right side of their cap:

The Canadian-based Toronto Blue Jays will wear a similar design but with the five stars replaced with four maple leaves and a Canadian flag style pattern in place of the stripes:

“When you can do something positive and have ballparks full of the military to celebrate the fact that they’re serving our country, that’s a great weekend.”, MLB’s Vice President, Authentic Collection Stephen Roche told SportsLogos.Net.

Here’s a look at 2019 MLB Armed Forces Day Caps across the entire league:

All proceeds from the sale of Armed Forces Day items will be used to support programs for service members, veterans and military families.

Previously teams wore camouflage-style uniforms during Memorial Day weekend, which would be next weekend, May 24-27 in 2019. This year Memorial Day will be noted in a more subtle manner, a simple poppy patch will instead be added to the front of each team’s jersey and a patch featuring the U.S. Flag on the MLB logo added to the side of the cap.

The Memorial Day patches will only be worn on Monday, May 27th.