Expedition League expands to Canada with Wheat City Whiskey Jacks

The Expedition League, a collegiate summer baseball league based in the Great Plains, will celebrate opening day for its second season May 24. When it does, it will introduce two new teams: the Fremont Moo (whom we covered here) and the league’s first Canadian team, the Brandon, Manitoba–based Wheat City Whiskey Jacks.

The Whiskey Jacks’ logo, created by the Ross Johnson Design Company, features a whiskey jack, a common Canadian bird also known as a gray jay, swinging a make-shift bat at a shoulder-height pitch, and (so far as I can tell) fouling it off the end of the bat. The official team colors are Carolina blue and two shades of gray.

The geographic identifier Wheat City is a nod to Brandon’s close association with agriculture—and they’re not the first sports team in town to associate with the grain. The Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League have been around in various permutations since 1936.

The Fremont Moo and Wheat City Whiskey Jacks will join the eight teams from the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Wyoming that played in the league’s inaugural season last year.