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Sabres Celebrate 50 Years With New Logos

The Buffalo Sabres are getting set to commemorate 50 years in the National Hockey League.

Today the Sabres kicked off their 50th anniversary season with the introduction of two new logos marking the milestone year, a primary and alternate anniversary logo.

“We did a lot of research,” executive vice president of creative services Frank Cravotta said to the Sabres official website. “Simplicity for [owners] Kim and Terry [Pegula] is key. You see some of these [other anniversary logos] that have very complex designs. They wanted it kind of stripped down, clean, and simple.”

The Sabres say they’ve yet to decide where on the jersey the patch will be placed; since the team continues with the unusual practice of including the player’s number on the front of the jersey (where a commemorative patch would normally go) for me it seems that one of the shoulders would be a good spot for this patch.

The alternate anniversary logo is not expected to be used on the uniforms, it’s set to be used simply for marketing and promotional purposes where a more simple design would work.