Clearwater Threshers play as Beach Dogs

When the Clearwater Phillies rebranded in 2004, the nickname Threshers, a kind of shark, won out over Beach Dogs. But as with many minor league baseball teams, that did not stop the Threshers from wondering what could have been. Late last season, the Threshers, high-A affiliate of the Phillies, introduced the Beach Dogs, whose logo is what you would get if Poochie the Dog from the Simpsons had a baby with Hunter S. Thompson.

The promotion was well received enough that the team introduced Beach Dogs Fridays this year. The Threshers will transform to the Beach Dogs for five games, including tonight’s against the Dunedin Blues Jays.

The Threshers also played as the Beach Dogs April 19, and after tonight (assuming the Beach Dog does not get called back to his home planet) they have three more Beach Dog Fridays remaining: June 21, July 26, and August 16. The promotion includes beach-themed activities and, most importantly, 50-cent hot dogs.