Akron RubberDucks rebrand as giant ice cream helmets

I’m going to try not to get emotional about this, but I happen to have a certain affinity for ice cream served in helmet sundae cups.

I have what I believe to be one of the largest collections of unique plastic ice cream helmets out there—about 200 Major League and minor league ice cream helmets, each one distinct from the rest, and more arrive all the time. My collection is responsible for C-list celebrity John Hodgman telling me on his podcast, “The line between a collector and a hoarder is a display case.”

I run a Twitter account called Baseball and Ice Cream that basically exists to share articles I write for this website and talk about ice cream helmets.

So you can imagine my joy, after having written more articles than I can count about minor league baseball teams rebranding as food items, when I saw that the Akron RubberDucks will adopt a popular concession item called the Screamer as their identity for one game this season. The five-pound Screamer featured in the logo is 21 scoops of ice cream, a brownie, four bananas, hot fudge, and sprinkles—all gloriously served in a giant plastic RubberDucks helmet.

The logo features the RubberDucks’ head-sized helmet loaded with all of the aforementioned goodies. If you look hard enough, you can find the team’s permanent duck logo tucked away (and upside down) under the bill of the illustrated helmet.

My joy is tempered only by the fact that I’ll miss this promotion by two days. I’m going to be at my first-ever Akron RubberDucks game June 12, and this promotion will take place just two days later on June 14, with me hundreds of miles away. I’ll take solace in the fact that my first order of business when I reach Canal Park two days too soon will be to procure one of these shirts, and then never take it off.

I realize I’m getting greedy with this, but I can only hope that when I get to the game, I’ll be able to buy a helmet sundae that features the Screamer helmet sundae logo.

The Screamers will take the field June 14 against the Portland Sea Dogs.