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Leaked Graphics Show Nike Swoosh on Yankees Jerseys

Yes. It’s really happening.

Thanks to a series of photos leaked to Uni Watch yesterday, we can now see how Nike’s swoosh will look on the front of Major League Baseball jerseys when they take over providing the on-field product in 2020.

The swoosh will appear, embroidered on the front, just like you see in the photo above, of all MLB team jerseys starting next season. I have been told the colour of the logo will change to match the colour scheme of each jersey it’s applied to.

The Uni Watch post provided a few additional details, such as that the uniforms will simply be the Majestic Flex Base style (with a swoosh on it) for the first two seasons of the deal and that Nike is still looking to introduce their own uniform template to Major League Baseball in 2022.

In 2016, Major League Baseball announced a deal with Under Armour to have UA take over the uniform contract for the 2019 season, that deal included the addition of the UA logo to the front of each team’s jersey. After first delaying things to 2020, the deal with Under Armour ultimately had to be terminated before it ever began. In January, after nearly a year of rumours, the new agreement between MLB and with Nike was made official.

Note: The graphic at the top of this post is not an official graphic or part of the leak, it was just a quick Photoshop mockup I did purely for this post and based entirely on the leaked photos from the Uniwatch articles