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Lehigh Valley IronPigs salute Philly as Jawn

Jawn is Philadelphia slang for a thing, or possibly stuff. The exceedingly non-specific term, which is popular in the Jawn of Brotherly Jawn and can mean pretty much anything, is basically unheard of outside of eastern Pennsylvania.

And so, of course, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, who play about 60 miles from Philly in Allentown, have announced that they’ll adopt the word as their name for one game on their annual Salute to Philadelphia night. The uniforms and caps will feature the word Jawn written in the Phillies custom font, which I learned years ago by calling the team is called Scriptwurst.

“Each year, we try to come up with new and exciting jawns for our fans,” said IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes, quoted on RedJawn.com (which is hilarious). “We’ve had cheesesteak jawns, Philly Special jawns, bacon jawns, and more. We think this jawn is one of our best jawns yet.”

The IronPigs will take the field as the Jawn July 7.