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Vancouver Canucks Unveil Four New Uniforms

The Vancouver Canucks this afternoon confirmed our recent report and unveiled their new uniform set for the upcoming 2019-20 season.

Four jerseys were part of the reveal, with the upcoming 50th anniversary season for the Canucks there was a tinge of team history in each of the looks.

First up the home and road jerseys, the same logo remains on the front of each jersey but the “VANCOUVER” wordmark added in 2007 has been removed putting the orca whale front and centre. Striping patterns remain the same as last season but the shoulder patches are now white rather than blue with a slightly modified design.

“The 50th season presents an opportunity to honour our history while launching a new era of Canucks hockey with a modern look,” said Trent Carroll, COO, Canucks Sports and Entertainment in the official press release. “This evolution preserves our team identity and acknowledges a tradition of Canucks hockey that is as vibrant and rich in history as the West Coast.”

The new third jersey (which the team is referring to as their “Heritage Jersey”) is a throwback to the original Canucks blue jersey from their inaugural 1970-71 season, with a few modifications. Striping is simply blue and green, no white, the logo on the chest is a more modernized version of the original look and the jersey collar is white. It’s really a decent combination of the original and the more recent third jersey the club had worn pre-Adidas.

On the back of the jerseys numbers will feature a perforation pattern to resemble rain, common on the west coast. This jersey will be worn ten times during the 2019-20 season.

A 50th anniversary patch, previously released, will be worn as a patch on the upper right corner of the new jerseys.

Finally, and we’d heard about this years ago, the club will be bringing back the “Flying Skate” jersey worn during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The result of a poll held by the team to help choose which vintage look to bring back for the 50th anniversary.

Vancouver will wear the classic look, made famous by the likes of Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden, will be worn for three games in 2019-20.