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Yankees, Red Sox Both Wear White and Ads on Uniforms in London

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are over in the United Kingdom this afternoon, beginning a two-game set in London. The first-ever Major League Baseball games to be played not only in England, but in all of Europe.

As is the custom for Major League Baseball games outside North America, both teams are wearing advertisements on their uniforms. The helmets feature a decal for Mitel, a telecommunications company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Mitel Ad on Red Sox Helmet
Mitel Ad, London 2019 Patch on Yankees Uniform

The jerseys have a small green patch for BioFreeze, an American-based company which makes topical painkillers.

BioFreeze patch on Red Sox uniforms
BioFreeze patch above Mel Stottlemyre memorial armband on Yankees jersey

So far in 2019, the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners both wore ads on their jerseys and helmets to open the season in Tokyo, later the Reds, Angels, Cardinals, and Astros all wore ads on their helmets during a series of games played in Mexico.

Both clubs are also wearing an event patch for the series which reads MLB LONDON SERIES 19, this patch is on both their cap and right jersey sleeve.

MLB London Series 19 and BioFreeze patch on Red Sox jersey

All that nonsense aside, the big thing with this game is that both teams are wearing their home white uniforms! The Yankees, as the road team, wanted to wear their famous pinstripe uniforms for the European crowd.

The Yankees did the same thing in 2001 during a trip to Japan against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Unlike that series, the home team Red Sox also wearing white, in 2001 as the home team the Devil Rays wore their green alternate jersey with road grey pants.

Boston and New York will play one more in London on Sunday.