Leak: New Dallas Mavericks Uniform for 2020

The Dallas Mavericks will be getting at least one new uniform for the 2019-20 NBA season, and thanks to a sports store getting a little ahead of themselves, we already know what it’ll look like.

Via a Tweet from @WilliamAnoil, who spotted the jersey available for sale at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Dallas, we see the new uniform is navy blue with lighter blue trim around the collar and up each side of the jersey. In between the two blue stripes on each side is a single white stripe and across the front is “MAVERICKS” in white with a matching number below.

On the back of the jersey is the player’s name and number in the same font the Mavs have been using for several years below the NBA logo. All names, numbers, and lettering are single colour.

The casual fan on first glance may be asking “okay… what’s the difference here?”. You’d be right to ask but there are several changes here versus what was worn in 2018-19:

As we’re not sure which of the four uniforms this new one is, so we’ve included all four from last year. You’ll notice none of the uniforms from 2018-19 had “MAVERICKS” across the front, the numbers on association and icon jerseys were right-aligned number the team name as well as changes to the striping on the sides.

The style of the new jersey more closely resembles the “Statement” uniform which was also navy blue with centred white numbers and blue/white/blue striping. Of course, the big departure between these two is with the skyline/logo swapped out for the more simple “MAVERICKS” logo.