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NFL, Nike Introduce Inverted Football Jerseys

Nike and the National Football League this weekend launched a new set of jerseys which they’re calling the “Inverted Legend” series.

The jerseys, which appear to be a retail-only “fashion” option, for now, and feature the usual team jersey designs but re-coloured with the usual secondary colour now used as the base hue.

A few of the more colourful and interesting examples here:

Unfortunately for most of the teams included in this series, the prominent secondary colour used is grey or silver, which leads to more than a few fairly uninteresting designs from the lot — I mean it’s grey, it’s kinda hard to make it exciting.

Here’s the entire set, as shown for sale at at the time of this post. Only 19 of the league’s 32 teams available:

I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these designs on the field one day, Ravens in gold? Sure! The Bills retro style in navy blue is also a surprisingly good look. Share your favourites in the comments.

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