Cincinnati Reds In 1961 Throwback Uniforms Today

Continuing their series of fifteen throwback uniforms throughout the 2019 season, the Cincinnati Reds will take to the field against the St. Louis Cardinals this afternoon while wearing the team’s home white vests from their 1961 National League championship season. The uniforms are being worn as part of a season-long celebration of the 150th anniversary of the first professional baseball team, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings.

With red pinstripes from head to toe, the Reds home white vests added blue to the team’s uniform and logo, the blue was used as a background and border around their wishbone-less “C” logo on the upper left chest, blue also used as a trim for each player’s number on the upper right chest and back of the jersey as well as the logo on the cap.

In memory of Reds owner Powel Crosley, Jr., the Reds added a black memorial stripe around the left arm hole of each jersey. Crosley had owned the team beginning with the 1934 season, the club re-named Redland Field, their home ballpark in his honour shortly after the purchase. Crosley owned the Reds until his death in March of 1961, just a few days before the start of the season.

Today’s game is the ninth of the fifteen throwbacks the Reds are wearing this year, six remain between now and the end of September. Check out our in-depth piece on the Reds 2019 throwback series with the full schedule here.