MLB unveils new logo for Arizona Fall League

Major League Baseball’s developmental Arizona Fall League will see some changes this season: Most notably, the six teams will begin play in September rather than October so that prospects who don’t make the September call-up list can continue playing sooner rather than later. In addition, many restrictions regarding which players teams can send to play in Arizona have been lifted, at least for now.

With the changes on the field comes a change to the league’s overall brand. MLB unveiled an updated logo, rearranging and revising elements from the league’s previous logo (above). The new logo maintains a warm color palette, the “Arizona” typeface, and a blazing sun as the primary visual element, but introduces a dark blue and a kind of post card–style dimensionality to the overall look and feel.

Of course, any mention of the Arizona Fall League would be incomplete without mentioning the teams themselves, including my favorite, the Surprise Saguaros (which is both a great team name and a really good prank, if you could figure out how to pull it off).

The 2019 Arizona Fall League will debut September 17 and run through October 27.