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OKC Thunder Unveil Four New Uniforms for 2020

The Oklahoma City Thunder this morning unveiled four new uniforms for the upcoming 2019-20 NBA season.

All of the team’s uniforms saw an update in one way or another, there’s a brand new “City” edition jersey, the primary Icon and Association sets received minor tweaks to clean things up, while the new Statement uniform is a re-coloured version of a previous look.

Starting with the new “City” Edition uniform, a design honouring the 168 killed, the survivors, and the emergency personnel at the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, which will have taken place twenty-five years ago during the upcoming season, back on April 19, 1995.

The uniform is black with bronze elements throughout. Up each side of the uniform are the Gates of Time, the twin gates which mark the entrances to the current memorial site including the minute before (9:01) and minute after (9:03) the bombing occurred. A white design at the bottom of the gates represents the memorial reflecting pool.

On the waistband of the shorts is the survivor tree, a tree which stood at the site of the bombing and still stands today, “a living symbol of resilience”. A blue ribbon reading “We remember those who were changed forever April 19, 1995” is on the inside back collar.

“The Thunder and the memorial worked closely with Nike to embody the spirit of resilience and remembrance to pay respect to the lives lost and all those impacted by the bombing.”, the Thunder said in the press release. “It also captures the memorial’s mission of educating current and future generations about the Oklahoma City community’s response to the tragedy, with a focus on the Oklahoma Standard of service, honour and kindness.”

The new Association and Icon uniforms are getting “refreshed”, as the team is calling it. Both uniforms have a newer striping pattern around the neck, arms, up each side and down the shorts. The OKC logo on the shorts have also moved from the side to the front.

Exclusive to the “association” uniform is the addition of a state map of Oklahoma to the waistband.

While the icon uniform has switched their jersey wordmark from “OKLAHOMA CITY” to “THUNDER”, and added an “OKC” wordmark to the waistband of the shorts

Finally, the new Statement uniform borrows elements from a couple of previous designs and updates the colour scheme to resemble a sunset.

Down the back of the new statement uniform is a series of sublimated gradient tonal soundwaves.

“Refreshing our uniform lineup allows us to put a new twist on the classic Thunder image,” Oklahoma City Thunder Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brian Byrnes said in the press release. “These updates keep us true to our roots, but allow us to modernize and embolden the Thunder Basketball uniform portfolio as we continue to evolve our brand to proudly reflect our state and city.”

A side-by-side look at the changes between each of the four uniforms, the set from last year on top and the new ones at the bottom:

From left to right (for both years), Association, City, Statement, Icon.