PICS: Golden State Warriors New 2020 Uniforms Leaked

Thanks to a tweet and a post from Reddit late last night, we got ourselves an early look at the new 2019-20 uniforms for the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA’s best U.S.-based team three seasons running will introduce a new yellow uniform featuring their recently unveiled “The Bay” logo, this will join their black “The Town” uniform and a throwback “The City” uniform (also in yellow), to complete the San Francisco-Oakland-Bay Area uniform set.

Also new but a lot less obvious is the incorporation of the Warriors’ updated primary logo on their blue “Icon” uniform.

The big change we saw to the logo when it was revealed was the updated font used throughout but on the jersey itself the largest difference is changing the colour of the logo from mostly yellow to mostly blue.

New font, updated bridge highlight Warriors logo changes for 2020

Player number font on the uniform is also updated, finally putting an end to the Warriors use of the very-dated Copperplate font. Compare the old and new here:

New font & logo, colour changes on new Warriors uniforms in 2019-20

We’ve been told their white “Association” uniform has similar changes, though the logo will remain blue on that jersey as it has been for a number of years now.