Northwestern Wildcats To Bring Back Gothic-Style Football Uniforms

The Action Network’s Darren Rovell returned to his alma mater on Friday afternoon and (accidentally) revealed that Northwestern will wear new Gothic-themed uniforms this season.

The Wildcats first wore all-black uniforms with purple and gold accents — a nod to the university’s original school colors — and a font that mimicked signs around campus in 2014. The shoulders featured modified Northwestern stripes while the sleeve caps prominently displayed the Wildcats’ primary logo on top of sublimated brick and ivy pattern.

Based on the photo Rovell shared, that design remains on the new uniforms. However, the stripes now accompany Northwestern’s logo on the sleeves to better fit Under Armour’s newest template. 

Few others details can be gathered based off the cropped photo, though, one can imagine the helmet associated with the last will remain the same. That matte black helmet featured a purple Northwestern logo decal on both sides and a gold arch, replicating the Weber Arch at the entrance to the Wildcats’ campus. 

Northwestern opens the 2019 season at Stanford on Aug. 31, but don’t be surprised if the Wildcats wear these uniforms for their Friday night matchup with Ohio State on Oct. 18.

Photo via @darrenrovell