Auburn Tigers Tweak Primary Logo

In similar fashion to how North Carolina and Notre Dame recently tweaked their respective logos to be more proportional, Auburn is in the process of rolling out an updated primary athletic and academic mark (presumably) for the 2020-21 academic year.

The news was first reported by 247Sports Brandon Marcello, who confirmed the changes with a university spokesperson. 

“Auburn updated its visual identity system to make it compatible with the many ways — especially digital — in which it is now used and to help us further elevate the Auburn brand,” said assistant vice president for communications Mike Clardy. “It’s in fact already in partial use.”

The Tigers’ new logo keeps the same framework, but removes the negative space between the upper part of the “A” and “U.” The “U” has also been downsized to match the height of the “A” — coincidentally creating what looks like a “T” in the negative space at the bottom. 

The changes have already occurred in smaller applications such as various social media accounts and university communications, but will certainly take some time to be updated on uniforms, the scoreboard at Jordan-Hare Stadium, the court at Auburn Arena and signage around campus.

In addition to the logo update, Auburn is set to change accompanying fonts. Our good friend Clint Richardson of the Auburn Uniform Database was first to report the Tigers are moving from the Copperplate font to Sabon. 

From Richardson:

It remains to be seen if the font change will affect the non-football uniforms going forward. The Sabon numerals probably wouldn’t be as effective on the jerseys, so Auburn could either stick to Copperplate numbers or revert back to a standard athletic block font.

The Tigers have used their current primary logo since 1966, though the university considered a change in 1995 and ultimately scrapped that idea after fan backlash. So it should come as no surprise to see there is already a petition to stop this update from happening, too.