Lehigh Valley IronPigs blame typo for IronPugs promotion

To hear the Lehigh Valley IronPigs tell it, the reason they’ll be giving away 3,000 “IronPugs” T-shirts—and taking on a new logo and brand for one game—is simple typographical error by their general manager Kurt Landes.

Per the team: “Landes ordered T-shirts for the August 19 giveaway and accidentally spelled IronPigs with a ‘u’ instead of an ‘i’. After confessing to his mistake, Landes pointed to his mobile phone’s auto-correct feature as the main culprit.”

The IronPigs, whose real name is derived from the pig iron forged in the steel mills of eastern Pennsylvania, will wear IronPugs gear, including what the team calls a “liquid chrome” cap logo for the August 19 game against the Syracuse Mets.