Buffalo Sabres Unveil Golden Jersey, Announce Return of Old Colours

The Buffalo Sabres have been busy, announcing the team will be returning to their original royal blue and gold colour scheme in the 2020-21 season as well as a special-edition 50th anniversary uniform for this upcoming 2019-20 season.

Starting with the anniversary uniform — it will be worn 13 times this season, and despite the uniform being white it will be worn at home for those games, (quick nerd math: this means the Sabres will wear white 54 times in 2019-20 and their blues only 28 times).

The jersey is white with five gold and blue stripes down each arm and at the waist, the striping pattern represents the five decades of Sabres hockey since their inaugural 1970-71 season. On the chest is the team’s familiar logo in “fluorescent gold” and navy blue.

My favourite part (and yours too, no doubt) is the inclusion of the team’s logo timeline on the inside back collar, it’s like the Sabres logo section of SportsLogos.Net on an NHL uniform and yes, I like that.

The jersey will be paired with white gloves with blue and gold trim, and blue pants. The pants also include the leaping bison from the Sabres primary logo but recoloured to gold. Socks are white with similar striping to the jersey.

More shots of the uniform, all photos via the Buffalo Sabres

The special uniform will be worn thirteen times throughout the 2019-20 season, including for the home opener. The full schedule here:
October 5 vs. New Jersey Devils
November 2 vs. New York Islanders
November 29 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
December 2 vs. New Jersey Devils
December 12 vs. Nashville Predators
December 27 vs. Boston Bruins
January 30 vs. Montreal Canadiens
February 6 vs. Detroit Red Wings
February 13 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
March 5 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
March 21 vs. Chicago Blackhawks
March 22 vs. New York Rangers
April 4 vs. Philadelphia Flyers

And pardon the lede burying here, but yes! The Sabres also announced they’d be returning to royal blue and gold in 2020-21! Marking the end of the navy blue era which began with the introduction of the “Buffaslug” logo in 2006, reintroducing the colour used by the Sabres for their first 26 seasons.

Finally, an end to the decades of calls by fans of the team to return to the original colours only to be seemingly ignored by the team, which inspired this graphic I made back in 2013 when they unveiled their forgettable gold uniform.

My brief history of the Sabres eventual switch back to their classic look (created in 2013)

I might need to update this now.