Nebraska Cornhuskers Unveil “Blackshirts” Alternate Uniform

The University of Nebraska on Monday afternoon unveiled a brand new black alternate uniform that pays homage to the football program’s “Blackshirts” monicker.

The black uniform isn’t a significant departure from the Cornhuskers’ home and road uniforms, as it keeps the white helmet and pants but does substitute red for black in several places, including the face mask, helmet decal and stripe down the middle. The most notable difference from the primary uniforms is the lack of sleeve stripes, which have been replaced with a skull and crossbones wearing a Nebraska helmet.

That logo represents the “Blackshirts,” a term that dates back to the 1960s and was inspired by the black jerseys the Cornhuskers’ first-team defense wore in practice.

This won’t be the first time Nebraska has worn black alternate uniforms, as the Cornhuskers wore similar threads — but with a custom font, red helmet decal and two-tone face mask — during a loss to UCLA in 2013 and all-black uniforms in a loss to Northwestern in 2015. The program also paired black helmets with all-red uniforms during a win over Wisconsin in 2012.

It’s unclear at this time what game(s) Nebraska will wear their “Blackshirt” alternate uniforms, but once can assume it’ll be the game against Ohio State on Sept. 28. There’s a good chance both teams enter that game undefeated and that it will be slotted for primetime. 

Check out more photos of the uniforms below:

Photos via @HuskerFBNation on Twitter