Palm Springs AHL Trademarks Two More Names

Palm Springs, the future top-level affiliate of the Seattle NHL franchise, has trademarked two additional team names this week.

According to Clark Rasmussen of DetroitHockey.Net, the two names trademarked were Palm Springs Hawks and Palm Springs Eagles. Both were filed the same day their report about the trademarking of Palm Springs Firebirds was published and all of which were trademarked for “entertainment in the nature of hockey games”.

The trademark registration for “Palm Springs Hawks” filed August 14, 2019

Rasmussen is rightfully skeptical of the intention behind these new registrations, noting both their timing as well as their overall genericness – not to mention the fact there’s already an AHL team called the Eagles. It’s a move which we’ve seen before in an attempt to keep the public guessing about the name-to-come (who here remembers the Vegas Golden Knights and their shifting trademarks around from Knights to Hawks to Knights)

A common theme amongst all three names is that they’re bird-related, which, perhaps gives us a glimpse at the direction the Seattle NHL club may be going towards?