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Flames Celebrate 40 Years in Calgary With New Logo

The Calgary Flames are getting set to celebrate forty years of the club’s time in Alberta over the course of the upcoming 2019-20 NHL hockey season.

Yesterday, the Calgary Flames released a new commemorative 40th season logo, the special emblem will be worn as a patch on each of the team’s three uniforms and be featured at centre ice throughout the year.

Calgary Flames logo and uniform history

The logo shows a 40 in white and gold on a red shield trimmed in white and gold, the flaming “C” logo is placed at the bottom with “1980” to the left, representing the team’s first season in Calgary (1980-81) and a “2020” on the right, representing the current season (2019-20). To the left of the “4” in “40” are three stripes which the club tells me represents nothing other than the team’s original jersey striping pattern.

The entire 40th season logo is done up in the original Flames colours of red and gold, first adopted by the franchise during their expansion season when they began play as the Atlanta Flames in 1971-72. The Flames toned down the use of gold in favour of black in 1994, and despite black being used for 25 of the Flames 40 seasons in Calgary, there’s no trace of it whatsoever in this commemorative logo. The team will wear their retro-style black-free jersey more often than not at home in 2019-20 which likely explains the choice of colours for the logo.

A look back at Calgary Flames commemorative anniversary season logos of the past: