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A Multitude of 2020 NBA Leaks Shows Throwback and “City” Designs for Several Teams

Abandon ship! There was a massive leak today giving us a look at what new and classic uniforms to expect throughout the NBA during the 2019-20 season.

Courtesy an epic image dump to Imgur (which was linked to from a post on Reddit/NBA which was then tweeted by @PaulBFB) we were shown fifty-six different NBA team court designs for the upcoming year.

“Big deal, what can a court design tell me about a uniform?!”, you may be foolishly saying to yourself. Many of these leaked and unreleased court designs are specifically themed either to throwback designs or as alternate “City” edition designs, both of which contain many clues and elements that will appear on these new uniforms.

For example, according to the post and confirmed by my reliable sources, the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors have this classic court design lined up for 2019-20:

Toronto Raptors 2019-20 Throwback Court (via Imgur)

It’s amazing, I know.

So what does that one example tell us? Well, it’s pretty obvious that Raptors will wear a throwback uniform from the original era of that court design, which was the 1995-96 season, at some point during the season — and they’ll wear them enough that they felt it necessary to bring back that design for the games.

Let’s keep going!

Atlanta Hawks have a City Edition court which, both in colours and graphics, suggest they’ll wear a Peach themed uniform:

Atlanta Hawks 2019-20 City Peach Court (via Imgur)

Cleveland Cavaliers will be embracing their oft-forgotten black-and-blue era of the late 90s:

Cleveland Cavaliers Throwback 90s Court (via Imgur)

Dallas Mavericks with a design that *looks* like it’s right out of the 90s for their “City Edition”:

Dallas Mavericks 2020 City Edition Court (via Imgur)

LA Clippers going in an entirely different (and very intriguing) direction with their City Edition design:

LA Clippers City Court 2020 (via Imgur)

And the Orlando Magic doing, I have no idea, with their City Edition design in orange and grey (anyone with any clues here?):

Orlando Magic 2020 City Court (via Imgur)

Check the post on Imgur for the full list which includes several others as well as a few older court designs sprinkled in. Includes a few throwback courts already announced such as the Memphis Grizzlies and the one already leaked from the Utah Jazz.