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LA Kings Latest to Throw Back to 90s, Announce Heritage Uniform Nights

What was I just saying about the ’90s being “in”?

Add the Los Angeles Kings to the list of teams getting in on the 90s wave, unveiling their heritage jersey of that era via a surprise midnight Tweet on Saturday morning.

The Los Angeles Kings will be bringing back the home white version of their 1988-1998 uniform design (to be more specific, it was from 1992-1998 with black numbers on the back), known most for the style Wayne Gretzky wore throughout his tenure with the Kings as well as during their trip to the 1993 Stanley Cup Final… *grumble* and their Campbell Bowl victory over Toronto, Kerry Fraser, etc. *grumble grumble*

The uniform is currently set to be worn for two Kings home games – February 22 against the Colorado Avalanche and March 21 against the Vancouver Canucks (we’ll get back to that Canucks date in a second), and won’t be available for sale until February 20th — so, y’know, just in time for the holiday season… in 2020.

Overall the uniform is a fairly faithful reproduction of what the Kings wore originally in that period. The only major difference caused by the new Adidas Adizero jersey cut – this can be seen in the collar with its much thicker-than-usual black stripe, the original jersey had equal width black and silver stripes here. Other differences are the inclusion of the NHL shield at the neck and the Adidas logo on the back, both of which are standard for all jerseys worn in today’s NHL.

The decision to use a white throwback instead of a black will force the visiting teams to bring along their usual home colours for the road trip. The Canucks, who are visiting the Kings for one of the two throwback nights, have already introduced their own black throwback uniform from this very same time period… so… certainly seems like a pretty easy decision for the Canucks to bring ’em down to California for this one, right? Perhaps the Kings can return the favour for one of their games up in B.C. and give us a little throwback to Gretzky breaking the all-time goals record.

All photos in this post courtesy the Los Angeles Kings and Adidas