Cleveland Browns Swap Uniforms, “ColorRush” Now Primary Home Set

Yes, the Cleveland Browns are expected to be getting new uniforms in 2020, but while the DawgPound waits patiently for that magical day they’ll at least be treated to the Browns’ far superior “ColorRush” combo.

The “ColorRush” uniform will be worn for six of their eight home games throughout the 2019 regular season: Weeks 1, 3, 6, 11, 14, and 16. The other two Browns home games (Weeks 10 and 12) will see what was the team’s usual brown home uniform over the last few seasons.

Note: The team may wear different pants (brown, white or orange) with these options

The Browns unveiled their current uniform set in the Spring of 2015, one of the first overall re-designs by Nike after they took over the NFL’s uniform contract. The jerseys featured a large “CLEVELAND” wordmark across the chest, an idea that came up early in the re-design process, even briefly considering the idea of having “DAWG POUND” there instead.

“We talked a lot about how important Cleveland is for the Browns,” then Browns team president Alec Scheiner said in the press release. “When the team left, the city’s heart was broken. It wasn’t fair. The team never should have left here. I think it’s a tribute to the city that we put it across the chest instead of the team name.”

Cleveland Browns home uniform, 2015-2018

The ColorRush uniforms do not include the city name across the chest, instead, the jersey reads “BROWNS” under the collar in much smaller lettering.