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Edmonton Oilers Unveil New “Street-Inspired” Alternate Uniform

The Edmonton Oilers this afternoon made official what had leaked last month, their new alternate/third uniform for the upcoming 2019-20 NHL season.

With the Oilers more recent shade of dark navy blue serving as the base, the uniform removes all traces of white from the team’s colour scheme, even from the familiar logo — now approaching 50 years of age.

An all blue and orange version of the Oilers crest is on the chest, what was normally blue is now orange, what was normally orange is also orange… breaking up that marigold monopoly is the swapping of white for blue, encompassing the background and outline of the logo’s circle.

Each sleeve has two very thin orange stripes at the elbows and a third added right at the cuff, this single stripe at the bottom idea is repeated around the waist of the jersey below the team logo. Collar is completely orange around the back before transitioning to mostly blue coming around to the front utilizing the Adidas Adizero jersey collar style. Three orange laces, just for show, below the front collar.

Helmets are, like the jerseys, blue and orange with no white — this same version of the logo used as a decal on either side of the lid. Socks are navy blue with the thin two-stripe pattern seen on the sleeves of the jersey.

This is the first time the Edmonton Oilers have gone with a non-traditional design for their alternate/third uniform since the old blue-and-silver look designed by Todd MacFarlane, you may remember the flying oil drop streaking across the chest:

The Oilers last wore a totally new design as a third uniform from 2001-2007

The uniform was first used during the 2001/02 season and stuck around for a handful of years, making its last appearance in 2006/07.

Edmonton’s new third jersey will be available for pre-order at Oilers Fan Day on Saturday at Rogers Place.

UPDATE Sep 13/19:

Adidas has sent over some additional photos as well as the explanation behind the design to SportsLogos.Net

Adidas says the new Oilers alternate uniform was inspired by recent fashion trends, transforming the classic Oilers look by highlighting hockey culture and amplifying street style.

“Minimal striping, enlarged embellishments and high-contrast colourways create an ultra-modern, street-inspired look”, the Adidas information sheet said. While the two-colour, no-white design creates “a futuristic look with minimalistic design elements”, resulting in “a jersey that allows fans to support their team anytime and anywhere”

A couple of extra bits of info we missed before, the numbers are 15% larger than usual and have been rendered in a glossy twill and glossy embroiderery.