New York Jets Debut New All-Black Uniforms on Monday Night Football

In 1997, Will Smith taught us that the “good guys dress in black” before encouraging us to remember that, for surely that information would come in handy some day. For fans of the New York Jets, that day is today.

The New York Jets will take to the field against the Cleveland Browns this Monday night wearing their brand new all-black (“Stealth Black” as the team calls it) alternate uniforms. The Jets unveiled the all-black look as part of their revamped logo and uniform lineup during an event at New York’s Gotham Hall in April 2019.

Black tops with green accents on the shoulders, giant white numbers trimmed in green on each shoulder, the front and back, “NEW YORK” in bold italics across the chest. Socks, pants, and shoes are also black with a single green stripe down the side of each pant leg.

Helmets? Green. Facemask, black.

It’s the first time in eight years that the New York Jets have worn a colour other than green or white, in 2011 the Jets wore navy blue and gold throwbacks back to their days as the American Football League’s New York Titans. Until tonight, the Jets had never worn a black uniform in the nearly 60 season history of the franchise.