Golden State Warriors Unveil Six New Uniforms for 2019-20

We’ve all been there, something disappointing happens and we try to turn that around by adding a few new jerseys to our collection. The Golden State Warriors, just a couple of months removed from their failed attempt at completing the rare “three-peat” have done just that, by introducing six new uniforms today for the upcoming 2019-20 NBA season.

Three of the uniforms are slight tweaks over what had been worn in years past, two are straight-up throwbacks, and one recycles an old idea with a new twist.

Let’s take a look!

Association and Icon Editions

Differences between the icon and association uniforms last year vs this year

The Association (née home white) and Icon (née road blue) sees the fewest changes of any of the new uniforms, especially the white “Association” jersey which is just a simple update to the logo and font — two changes we had already seen and assumed when the Warriors unveiled their new logos earlier this Summer.

Copperplate is mercifully gone and has been replaced by a custom (no, not great, but better) font. The blue “Icon” jersey sees a more noticeable change versus the “Association”, the logo on the front is now blue to match the base of the jersey, in years past the logo was yellow.

From the Warriors: A staple in the Warriors uniform arsenal, the white and blue jerseys with the team’s Global Logo is a simple, globally-recognized jersey that was first introduced prior to the 2010-11 season. The 2019-20 version of the Association Edition jersey features the team’s refreshed Global Logo, highlighted by an updated, more accurate portrayal of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

Statement Edition

Last season it was the black Oakland-themed “The Town” uniform that the Warriors had designated as their “Statement” edition (nee alternate), this year with the shift across the bay to San Francisco it’s now this new yellow “The Bay” design getting the Statement title. The logo features the team’s new The Bay alternate logo, a foggy scene looking over the San Francisco Bay.

From the Warriors: The Statement Edition uniform features the team’s new The Bay logo, which portrays a landscape of seaside cliffs overlooking water accompanied by an overhead fog, a scene reminiscent of the Golden Gate prior to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Warriors have played full seasons in each of The Bay’s three major cities: Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose.

City Edition

As mentioned previously, this “The Town” design was the “Statement” Edition uniform in years past. There are some changes here in 2020 to this look, the yellow collar and stripe down each side are now blue and the white stripe that flanked the blue down the sides is now silver.

From the Warriors: A tribute to Oakland first introduced during the 2017-18 season, The Town uniform features the logo for the city of Oakland in white set on a black jersey. The uniform celebrates the Oakland community and its support for the Warriors, who played 47 of the previous 48 seasons in The Town.

Classic Editions

The Warriors are somehow getting away with two classic edition uniforms this season, one fits in perfectly with the teams “The Town” and “The Bay” uniforms — a yellow throwback to the 1966-67 design which read “The City” across the chest. This design was last worn by the Warriors in 2016.

So this means “The Town” is the “City” and “The City” is the “Classic”, got it? No? Eh, I don’t really think it matters.

From the Warriors: Designed by the team’s larger-than-life owner Franklin Mieuli in 1966-67, The City Classic Edition includes a pair of iconic San Francisco symbols, featuring the Golden Gate Bridge on the front and a cable car on the back of the yellow jersey. The Warriors have worn the throwback several times since the team’s last season in San Francisco in 1970-71, most recently donning the yellow jersey during the 2015-16 campaign.

The other “classic” edition throws back to the Warriors’ first season in California following their relocation from Philadelphia in 1962. White with “SAN FRANCISCO” arched across the chest in yellow and blue and red/yellow/blue trim around the collar and each arm.

From the Warriors: A throwback to the Warriors’ original Bay Area jersey worn upon the team’s arrival to San Francisco from Philadelphia in 1962, the San Francisco Classic Edition jersey features the city’s namesake across the chest of the white jersey in a color palate of navy, gold and red. A yellow version of the uniform was worn by the Warriors as a throwback during the 2009-10 season

The full lineup of Golden State Warriors uniforms for 2019-20 below: