Leak: Anaheim Ducks New, Orange Third Jersey

Orange ya glad? After a two-year hiatus, the Anaheim Ducks are bringing back their orange third jerseys.

Very early this morning (or late last night, depending where you live), an eBay sale offering the yet-to-be-released third jersey was discovered and subsequently posted about on Icethetics. Fortunately, the seller of the jersey, a user named MN_Sports_Shop, did a great job at sharing all sorts of detailed photos in the listing.

If only all leaked photos could be of this high quality!

The jersey is orange with black, gold, and white stripes along the bottom at the waist. Each sleeve has a large black stripe which begins at the elbow and goes right along to the cuff — along this stripe is a thick gold stripe, a small white stripe, and a very thin orange stripe.

It follows the same design pattern as the third jersey the Ducks used in the final two seasons of the league’s deal with Reebok.

Anaheim Ducks new third jersey crest detail (photo eBay/MN_Sports_Shop)

Like that old orange third jersey, the logo on the chest is the original Mighty Ducks of Anaheim logo from 1993, re-coloured to match the current look of the modern day black/orange/gold Anaheim Ducks.

Anaheim Ducks third jersey collar and hanger tag (photo eBay/MN_Sports_Shop)

The only difference between this version of the jersey and the old 2015-17 Reebok edition is in the collar. The Reebok style collar obviously has been replaced with the Adidas Adizero one and the collar is now exclusively black rather than black and gold as it was in 2017.

Anaheim Ducks new third jersey shoulder patch (photo eBay/MN_Sports_Shop)

The Ducks current primary logo is back as a patch, worn on both shoulders.

Assuming this leak is legit (and we have no reason to believe it’s anything but), this orange jersey will presumably replace the Mighty Ducks black and jade “fauxback” jersey — a one-year-wonder worn last season in celebration of the team’s 25th anniversary.

The Ducks wore a very similar version of this jersey from 2015-17