2019 NFL Week 3 Uniform Matchups

Week Three of the 2019 season continues today in the National Football League with 28 of the league’s 32 teams in action.

Uniform highlights this week include…

The Green Bay Packers who will be wearing their blue-and-gold throwbacks today against the Denver Broncos. This set, which features no decal on their familar yellow helmets, is based off the jersey and pant design worn by the Packers from 1937 through 1948.

The Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints will both be wearing their all-white “ColorRush” uniforms, Dallas will do so while hosting Miami (who has put together their own “ColorRush” style outfit) and New Orleans will bring theirs on the road to Seattle. Cleveland continues to wear their all-brown “ColorRush” set as their primary home set throughout 2019.

A look at the uniforms we’ll be seeing across the league here in Week Three:

Click graphic for a larger version of the image

As for our Uniform Matchup of the Week feature, thought we’d try a different approach this week (and maybe going forward), today I’ve chosen four of my favourite matchups from which you can vote for your top pick.

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